We operate nationally and internationally with our companies BHG Yapı Construction, established by expert engineers in the sector in 2013, and Maya Montenegro Construction & Investment, established in 2019 to carry out luxury living and housing projects abroad. With our construction projects and real estate investments both domestically and internationally, we design, develop, and build comprehensive, modern, and sustainable construction projects with our engineers and architects who are capable of handling all kinds of comfort, quality, aesthetics, and luxury residences. We construct luxury living centers in sought-after cities worldwide.

Luxury living centers, as well as all turnkey superstructure construction projects, are within the scope of activities of BHG Yapı and Maya Montenegro Construction & Investment companies. Under the umbrella of the Maya Global Invest company group, we provide services in applications such as hotels, villas, residences, holiday resorts, and social and cultural complex construction projects, with approximately 15 years of experience, equipment, knowledge, professional technical team, and architects.



Established in 2012, Ongan Construction initially started by undertaking major construction and electrical contracting projects domestically and internationally, with a focus on the Middle East. Over time, it has evolved into an engineering and implementation firm specializing in sustainable and renewable energy sectors. To date, it has completed the delivery of 21 medium and large-scale projects.

Ongan Construction prioritizes user-friendly, environmentally friendly, and human-centric designs, while executing projects that best fit the customer's budget.

As a subsidiary of Maya Global Invest, Ongan Construction operates as an investment firm specializing in the energy sector, offering innovative and sustainable energy solutions. With the increasing global demand for energy, significant opportunities and challenges arise in the energy sector. Ongan Construction develops and implements projects that create value for our customers in this evolving market.

Focusing on renewable energy sources, Ongan Construction produces environmentally friendly solutions. Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, PV systems, and biomass contribute to our sustainable development goals while reducing energy security risks and environmental impacts.

Maya Global Invest provides specialized services at every stage of energy projects. We offer strategic consulting to our clients in contracting, project development, and implementation processes. Additionally, we strive to increase efficiency and optimize costs by leveraging technology and innovative approaches.


Maya Import Export Ltd. Co.

Established in Turkey, Maya Import Export Ltd. Co. is a subsidiary of Maya Global Invest conglomerate, serving as a leading firm that undertakes all import-export, supply chain, customs clearance, logistics, and business efficiency activities for our companies operating in construction, energy, tourism, and other sectors, as well as for our global contract clients, both domestically and internationally.

With strong business partnerships and an expert team, Maya Import Export Ltd. Co. provides comprehensive and reliable services to our customers. Our company possesses extensive experience, team, and international workforce in supply chain management, customs clearance processes, international transportation, and logistics. We conduct international reselling and marketing activities through the sale of construction and other materials abroad and the procurement from various countries. With our knowledge of local and international regulations and standards, we aim to offer the most suitable solutions for our customers' needs.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction and business efficiency, Maya Import Export Ltd. Co. optimizes supply processes and reduces costs. For our clients entering global markets, we provide end-to-end solutions from rapid and reliable procurement, sourcing, and product marketing to determining and managing sales channels, thus providing a competitive advantage.

In the evolving world of trade, we work as a reliable business partner to provide our customers with a competitive edge and facilitate their business processes. Maya Global Invest supports our customers in succeeding in the global market by establishing strong business relationships worldwide.



Our group company operating in Montenegro, GB Tourism, is a tourism firm engaged in a wide range of activities including hotel management and hotel investments. Our company, operating under the umbrella of Maya Global Invest, is renowned in the industry for its extensive experience and reliability built over many years.

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